Jesse and Caley chose Spanish Fork as their home due to its strong sense of community and family-oriented atmosphere. The unity among residents demonstrated through actions like helping each other during emergencies, beautifying the main street with flowers, and moving books to the new library, showcases the caring and supportive nature of the town. These heartfelt moments inspire a deep love for the community and a commitment to serve and nurture it.

Jesse quickly engaged himself in improving the lives of his new family in Spanish Fork. He actively participated in Planning Commission and City Council meetings, eventually becoming a Commissioner on the Planning Commission. He possesses in-depth knowledge of the city’s budget and understands the challenges it has faced. Jesse believes that government should serve the people by listening to their perspectives, ideas, and priorities. He is confident that his unique perspective, dedication, and experience within the city will contribute positively as he continues to be a member of the City Council.

  • Make your voice a key component in our zoning and general plan update
  • Treat every tax dollar as if it were part of my family’s budget
  • Continue to prioritize swift and effective solutions to traffic issues
  • Ensure we are proactive in keeping public safety a priority
  • Build greater synergy in the business community and the community
  • Embrace the challenges we face and work through them together
  • Foster robust economic health for sustainable prosperity and strengthen our community