Building bridges, Solving problems, Strengthening community

Jesse wasted no time immersing himself in efforts to better the lives of his newly adopted Spanish Fork family. He demonstrated unwavering commitment by actively participating in Planning Commission and City Council meetings, assuming the role of Commissioner on the Planning Commission. With a firm grasp on the city’s budget, Jesse possesses comprehensive knowledge of the challenges that Spanish Fork has faced and an understanding of what things we need to plan to overcome. “Government exists to serve the people, which entails genuinely listening to their perspectives, ideas, and priorities. I firmly believe that my unique perspective enriches the ongoing conversation, and my unwavering dedication and experience within this exceptional city will synergize to effectively and positively contribute as I continue to be member of the City Council.”

Jesse’s professional journey has honed his adeptness at prioritization and making tough budgetary choices. His skill set extends to performing comprehensive root-cause analyses, uncovering genuine and enduring solutions, and skillfully guiding diverse groups toward shared objectives  

  • Make public input a key component of updating the General Plan
  • Proactively ensure that Public Safety stays one of the cities priorities
  • Plan and Coordinate for long-term infrastructure needs to reduce Cost and Inconvenience to Citizens while reducing Traffic Concerns
  • Build greater synergy in business community and between community and the business that serves us

Jesse and Caley intentionally selected Spanish Fork as their family’s home because they were captivated by its authentic sense of community and genuine family-oriented atmosphere. The unwavering connection shared among residents is what truly sets Spanish Fork apart as the ultimate destination for raising a family. Witnessing the remarkable unity displayed by the city, whether it’s neighbors coming together to assist one another during sandbagging efforts, the collective endeavor to adorn main street with vibrant flowers, or the shared dedication in relocating books from the old library to the new one, reinforces the profound care and support that defines this town. It is these heartfelt moments that genuinely fill my heart with love and inspire my unwavering dedication to serving and nurturing this remarkable community.

In December 2022, Jesse was appointed to the City Council, replacing Brandon Gordon, a testament to his capabilities. His contributions in the business realm have garnered him immense respect and appreciation. Jesse is actively engaged with the Chamber of Commerce, forging meaningful connections between large and small businesses and bolstering the community at large. Amidst the challenges posed by the Covid pandemic, he dedicated himself to outreach efforts and provided support to local businesses, aiding them in navigating through the storm. Jesse played a pivotal role in leading the executive team during an uncertain and unparalleled period. Previously, he was the Chairman of the Board for the Spanish Fork Area Chamber. Recognizing the significance of a robust business community as the driving force behind economic prosperity, Jesse emphasizes its role in maintaining low taxes and contributing to the city’s overall success.